Motorcycle Polish Junak mix M07 & M10


Here is my model Polish historical motorcycle.This is mixing two models M07 &M10 (1958-1962).
Modeling and texturing in Blender 2.66, Rendered in Blender 2.71 Cycles, PostPro Photoshop CS6
I hope so you like this render :slight_smile: This is not ideal but for now i can not create better.

Best Regards
Ireneusz “Korsarz” Ciaglo


My main criticism would be the black background. With the bike also being black, it makes it difficult to view the image properly.

Why a centre stand?! I just can’t get along with those. :’(
A note about the centre stand: One of the wheels should be raised off of the ground when the centre stand is down; looking at the M07 and M10, it looks like the front wheel should be off the ground (not by much, just about an inch).

ahh ok - you’re right in everything - I will try it in the next project observe.
Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

Best Regards