motorcycle renders

(upgrdman) #1

im kind of a newbie in bllender, and 3D in general…althoguh it’s kind of my fault—i’ve used blender for 3 years, but havn’t put forth the effort to furthur my skills…but they are much better than before. anyway, i had a class project (high school) and i chose to make a 3d motorcycle… they expected me to use corel 3d or whatever it’s called…

dumb high school lab teacher…anyway he was nice enough to let me make it in blnder. I only has 2 and a half weeks to complete my motorcycle (so about 17 hours, since each period is about an hour) so i had to spend most of my time modeling, and correcting it…ok i babble to much…here’s the link:

there are 5 pics in on on the web page…different angles:

1-regular, most-common angle for most objects
3-front-tire zoom
4-back tire zoom
5- top angle

(BgDM) #2

Hey, good start! Alittle plasticy on the materials, but that can be easily fixed. Definitley get yourself some reference poics and make this into the model it can be.

Keep it up. You are almost there.


(CurtisS) #3

That is a great start (though I am trying to figure out how you steer it :wink: ).
Yea, work on the materials and you are on your way. I wish I had 17 hours to work on ANYTHING…

(CAVZ24) #4

YES I’M BACK! The 3d bug is biting again and I’m ready to pick up where I left off.

UP, If I may cratique…The handle bars are way to wide. The brakes will never stop this bike beause they are to small. The fork isn’t there. Bikes stirring systems work differently. Usually you have a forked system. Some forks look different from others, but they do the same thing and work in the same way. Think of a bicycle front end …work off that!

Well good luck with your project!

(blengine) #5

i like it, but yes, steering might be a problem, heheha :wink:
the bike in general looks to organin, especially the muffler…u used subsurf right? if u did, and if u want sharp edges, like for where the muffler gets big, extrude the circles very close to each other where u want shaprness =)
great bike overall, cool design :smiley:

(dreamsgate) #6

Not bad for not having reference pics. Keep at it. And I agree, I wish I had 17 hours to work on things, Lately I’m lucky to have 17 minutes.

(S68) #7

Not a bad start, but it is quite WIP, need more details, as well as a steerable steering wheel :slight_smile:

There are some artifacts in second figure. Some crisps. If you used SubSurf then probably you have triangles there…

Keep it up!