Motorcycle Tour - Honda CBR600f

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Here’s a few renders of a motorcycle tour at the Grossglockner mountain.
A winding road through high alps with great views, perfect for motorcycling!

I did this mostly as a character modeling study, never done characters before.

Render - Cycles
Polycount - 3 million polygons

Full resolution

Thanks for looking!

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Wireframe renders

(leon3dbusta) #3

Amazing job!
Looks very good and excellent modeling details, must have been hard work, the rig pilot also makes relaxed and convincing.

(minoribus) #4

Awesome job. Your modeling and shading looks very nice. And the images are really convincing. My only suggestion would be to add more dirt to the motorcycle.

(sheepHD) #5

Your whip thread was already full of awesome shots, but nonetheless good job.

(marcatore) #6

nice render.
just two tweaks:

  • there is a slightly blue sky toning on the shadowed part of the bike but the shadow on the road is too grey. I think it should be a bit blueish. or reduce the blue on the shadow part of the bike.
  • on the first two image it seems that the driver is without weight. It seems that he doesn’t lay on the seat. It seems a bit unnatural.

Apart this…very good job

(Pierrick PICAUT) #7

Hard to say it is CG made when you don’t know it.
Great job

(MmAaXx) #8

perfect camera matching, well done!

(TARDIS Maker) #9

Really, really, really, really, really, really, great job. Probably one of the most convincing renders I’ve seen here. For a second I was almost questioning myself about if it was actually a render, but there are just enough issues for me to be able to tell, but if it wasn’t here, I probably wouldn’t notice that it was a render.

(rattle-snake) #10

Wouaaaw Micha !!!
This is really really Stunning !
I agree one of the best renders I’ve seen .
You really show the power of cycles :slight_smile:

(S-Markt) #11

i hate you! this is realy incredible. only 2 things to mention: put some grain at the rubber of the wheel, where it touches the ground. it doesnt look natural.
and change the riders colour to white so he looks like the stig

(kromar) #12

great work! you could improve the racing position of the driver to make it look more realistic, its the first thing that popped out for me.

(legice) #13

I legit would have thought it was the real thing! Really impressive :smiley:

(elbriga) #14

WHY is there a photography in the top row… - oh, wait…

(ironshirt) #15

absolutely beautiful, i’m totally impressed.

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First of all, nice job, looks amazing!

Hard to say it is CG made when you don’t know it.

Well i always look at pictures if it was real shot, this one you can see it’s CG made right away if you look at the thumbs.
if you get the high res. picture you will notice it less, but you can still see it.

a few tweaks i would throw in are:

  • the left midle finger…ouch!
  • helmet and shoes, soften it up a little bit, correct reflections.
  • put a lil grain/noise over the bike and the character so it matches the background.

like this picture:

But with or without it, it looks amazing, and it’s something i never can do haha :smiley:

(nolzett) #17

Great work! Looking very realistic: the bike and the road feels photographic! Just the biker is a bit odd but still really good
By the way, I am currently living very close to the northern start of the Großglockner road :smiley:

(Artkansas) #18

Very nicely done. If you want character study, try poses of him accelerating hard, braking, leaning into a corner etc.

(wolfgannn) #19

Well done !
ps:Camera match toll-tips are appreciate too.
happy bl.

(system) #20

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@wolfgannn, sure, someone get me a good picture with todays toll rates:D