Motorola Razor 3d model - WHERE ?


anybody has an idea where you could find a free Razor Motorola model for rendering?
I have few sides but they are only for money.

This is a pretty popular phone and I thought there must be a side hosting it.


this link has reference images that would be helpful in case you can’t find what you’re after.

On our page, if you look at the lefthand side under “Resources > 3D Models” there is a free model to download. We are in the process of uploading more as soon as they are cleaned up. All shaders are procedural so nothing but an HDRI image is needed to render which i’m sure you have.
This is what it looks like and if it’s useful, feel free to use it any way you like.


thank you for the reference link. I guess my school has to buy a model :wink:
I don’t have the time currently to model it for the render class …

Nice human figures on your website. Are those self-made or from a website?

I started to look actually for test dummy figures which would be good to be placed
into product renderings as outline renderings.


I figured you had a reason to ask for that particular model but wasn’t sure if you were after something close enough to render. As far as the models go, i do all the modeling for now but we are adding a student gallery soon to motivate them to put more work into their projects. Will see how that turns out.
Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:


I thought about the model to be nice for rendering because it includes many
illuminating surfaces (keys - display).