Motortrbo portalbe

Here i made a Motortrbo portable using a front view as my refrence… im posting it on this fourms so… ill get feed back… now please im not here too look for this kind of stuff

Wow, You really Suck


Good job, you suck

… im not really good at blender but i need help making this better…

i need you people to tell me how i can make it better so please be a spicific, not like
better rendering (O.O)
and im not really pro at 3-D softwares like you guys are so… you’ll have to explain me how to do so… you can say For improving my rendering , i can Add a Sun effect from the side or Using yafaray( i dont know how to use it add texture or make stuff look good on it :smiley: )

P.S: the green thing in the middle is the display for the radio , i put a texture and its messed up… im too lazy to rerender the whole thing… comptuer going really slow because im downloading need for speed WORLd beta (yea i was seleceted :D)

EDIT: oh i forgot to mention ive spend about a week on it so… sadly this work is serious for me and i have to hand it in soon :stuck_out_tongue:

This render is pretty good, actually! It good do with some better lighting. Some specifics:

Consider using Ambient Occlusion. This button is in the world buttons under the materials tab.

Rather than using three spots, consider using one spot and one fill light. For the fill light use a relatively low powered hemi pointed at the the model from the opposite side of the spotlight, or off to one side.

The actual topology of the model needs some work though. You could post a wire for us to critique. Simply take a screenshot of the viewport, unrendered. You are doing good on this model, keep going!

The model looks rather bumpy, this is because you’re making insets in a subdivided mesh. Move the edgeloops more towards the shape the actual model should have, and the bumpiness should be a lot less. I’d also add a few more hard edges as it seems too soft.

Wires would indeed help to aid you in this.

The black background combined with the lack of Ambient Occlusion makes this look really dark and for me a bit hard to critique.

Ok i got it in wiremode and i added ambient thing … i see it made it look much nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the Wire mode ( i hope you were looking for this )

More wire mode :smiley:

ahh i cant make it any sharper right now … i have to go to school!
when i come back i’ll try my best to do what you guys are saying… Thanks alot for all your help!!!

Blech Your grammar is horrible!

tyys i wrote that in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue:

i came at lunch to do that

ahhhh hahaha wopss
i should of posted this under Work in Progress XD

I see that some other people have said this but it needs to be sharper. From the looks of your wire, it looks like you could use some help with making your wire more effective. I’d also like to start seeing some textures and better lighting. Try using some soft lights around the model to make it look better.

ok so far i got this…

at the bottom i need to put a logo of Glental, i got it from google but i still cant figure out how since the backround for the image is White… and i only need to bring the logo out. can anyone help me how it can be done?