[Mount&Blade: Warband] Looking for 3d Modeler/Texturer and Other Stuff...

List has been edited (9/25/2017), edited again on 9/28/2017

Hello, currently, I am working on a mod for the game Mount&Blade: Warband. This mod focuses on a new land in the modern period (20th Century: WW2 - Cold War). Due to large amounts of work (both irl and this mod. For this mod, I’ll be working on random stuff, doing bits of it work in every category (troops, coding, scripting, implementing so stuff)), I’m unable to work on this section of the mod (3d modeling). I may not be too experienced in Warband, but I have a large interest and am dedicated in doing this mod. I’ve always been looking for a Warband mod that focused on modern combat. Most mods like this have been dead or dropped. The Red Wars, which was about Calradia in the year 1923 had changed owners for 3 times. Another thing that made me want to do this mod was my interest in history, especially in the 20th century.

I’m looking for 3d modelers and/or texturers. Their task is to make uniforms (American, French, British, Chinese uniforms. Though this is in a fictional land, the land’s countries will be similar to those in reality), weapons, scene props (buildings, tanks (both damaged and undamaged), artillery pieces, planes etc). There is no deadline for anything, so you can work as fast or as slow as you want. The reason why there is deadline is because I think it’s best to produce quality work. List of items to be made at bottom.

If you don’t want to join this currently one man modding team, but would love to volunteer, see the list below (at bottom).

If you don’t want to do those, you can help me convert this to OBJ: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-m1-garand-3d-model/759786

Note: Many of these are subjected to change. I’ll probably add more.

Type Zhongzheng Rifle (Copy of Kar98k) Done!
Type Zhongzheng Rifle with Bayonet Done!
Mauser C96 Done!

ZH-29 Being Reviewed On…
Lewis MG Being Reviewed On…
Hanyang 88 Rifle (Chinese Copy of Gewehr 88) Being Reviewed On…
Hanyang 88 With Bayonet Being Reviewed On…
Hanyang 88 Carbine Being Reviewed On…
ZH-29 With Bayonet Being Reviewed On…

Things that need to be done…
M1919 MG
ZB vz. 26
M3 Grease Gun
M1 Garand

Uniforms (Officers, Private, caps, helmets, etc.):
Chinese: 8th Route Army/New 4th Route Army Uniform, KMT Uniform.
British: Paratrooper, Infantry.
American: Paratrooper, Infantry
French: Infantry
Civilian Clothing

Buildings/ Scene Props:
Chinese/Asian Buildings (sorry if I sound racist, I’m just not sure how to say this in particular)
Early Skyscrapers (1939)
Other stuff (Vendor Carts, tables, chairs, etc)

To be decided on:Tanks (T-34, Tiger I, IS-2, etc)

This is a lot, but I’m extremely dedicated in doing this. Like I said, there is no deadline.

If you would like to help in any way, PM or telling me on this thread would be great. Also, specify what you would want to do. If you have any questions, PM or ask on this thread.

Now time to get back to my work…

Update: I have been PM’ed by one user who agreed that he/she will assist me, but unfortunately, he hasn’t been on. I suppose he has school or work.

I am still accepting help, though. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks in advance!

Update: I’m pretty late with these news, but anyways, a few weeks ago, one user agreed to help me! That user has completed the Zhongzheng rifle (and its bayonet) and the Mauser C96. I believe he is planning on the buildings now. I’ll be asking him to see if I can post what he completed.

Currently, I think he may need a bit of help, as he is only one person doing all the modelling and texturing. He’s also slowing down a bit (not sure if he’s busy or just too much work). I am still accepting help, as this project/mod still has a lot of things that needs to be completed. If anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks in advance!