Mount Saint Helens eruption

So I’m making a short film about death and I wanted to start the film off with what might be the most intimidating analogy of death, the Mount Saint Helens blast in 1980. It shows a vehicle traveling down the only escape route, which heads toward the blast.

Early tests using a high resolution smoke simulation got me this image.
I’m wondering whether smoke simulation or animated displacement is best… Does anyone have an opinion on this?


Being obsessed by volcanoes, I commend you for being braver than me and making one. :smiley:

I like what you have so far.

smoke is not bad looking

but dont’ like the stones look!

got to be a better way to show this and more realist !

keep up the good work

should there be some color for hot lava or may be later on in animation !

happy 2.5

Oh shoot, forgot to turn specularity off on the rocks. It was a pyroclastic eruption so there would be no lava ejected, it’s all pulverized. Working on an update with the rocks and maybe a version with just hi-res displacement and SSS. Thanks for the surprisingly good reviews!