Mountain at sunrise

It’s a still from an animation I did for our homepage. I’ve now done something I’ve always wanted to do: to earn the praise of the people I love best.

The animation can be found here: Warning: may take a bit to load for peeps with slow computers. :frowning:

Make it a lot brighter please, and I think procedural terrain textures will get you much better quality then slapping photos on it. Also, more geometry is needed.

Also, I think you know this, but you may get grilled to the bone by some of the people on this board.

Emm, any brighter and it ruins the “sunrise”, those are procedurals and I learn when people “grill” me. What do you mean by more geometry? I don’t get it.:confused:

I dunno, if you google sun-rises, you’ll see that they’re actually pretty bright, but that the brightness is just in one tiny place instead of spread out. I mean, even if it’s a sunrise this is still a 6000°C ball of flaming gas that’s rising. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, an altogether decent job, and I like the rays of light effect.

On your website, I find the blue text a bit too “brilliant”, and it is hard to look at it. :wink:
Perhaps white would be better? Or maybe a less saturated blue…

I think that the best way to describe the brightness of a sunrise is in relation to the the mountains in front of it. If you look at a rising sun, right into the light, the mountains in front will appear entirely black. So maybe just brighten the sunrise, and darken the mountains. It’s sort of a difficult image to have because the contrast makes it very difficult to find a workable text color.