Mountain Base

So I’m gonna make a brief two minute movie as a promotion for my brother’s latest novel. It’s going to be a war scene at a mountain base. I’ve alredy modled the mountain and I could use some criticing.

I’m thinking of removing the snow because the mountain is just too short to have snow. I’m also going to add a some dead, burnt, trees around the place. It would be nice if I could get some advise on how to do that without killing my computer’s memory. It would also be nice if someone had some realistic tank and helecopter models that I could use. I don’t need any of it, but it would make things much easier.

The links aren’t working for me…

That’s strange because I couldn’t get them to work when I had first uploaded them.

Here’s an update to the base.

Looks good, might want to work on the transition from base to mountain.

make the door a bit shorter than the two garage doors. Also, what render are you using? Whatever it is, try turning on over sampling (if it isn’t already on).

The grass to mountain transition is ok, but the snow to mountain is too prompt and not varied enough.

Starting to look good though.

Yeah the snow didn’t quite turn out right. Probably my fault for not using material nodes. Like I said erlier I’ll probably just do away with the snow partly because the mountain just dosen’t look tall enough to have snow.

As you can see, the base’s new ocupants added their own sign on the front and removed the old one. Some times similar things happen when a Wall*Mart gets converted into a Runnings.

ohhhh, now im inspired to make somthing like this now.

Did some smoothing on the terrain around the base and I started work on the parking lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make a good guard rail that can follow the road? I’m thinking of using an extruded curve.

Can’t u use the beizer circle and beizer curve method to gain the profile. Or is that the extruded curve method you already mentioned?

Yeah it is.


I did some texturing on the small highway. I’m really having trouble getting the smaller road to lay on top of the ground propperly. Either it’s too high and looks more like a ramp than a road, or it’s too low and causes strange dark patters when it’s rendred.
I’m thinking of just making it a dirt road and texturing it onto the ground. But then I would have to do some major work on the textures that the ground already has.

Try to do the road as part of the floor. Tweaking vertices and stuff and then texturing it using UV. It may be harder but it sure will look more integerated.

I’ve been thinking about that, but the problem is that the road runs almost always diagnaly to the grid that the ground is made of. Modifying it would require actual work. I’m way to lazy to try that. But I’ll keep it as a fall back in case I can’t find another way to resolve it.
Update! I added the guard rail. I’m thinking of making it start further up though. Looking at it now, it kind of looks silly.

Yes I finaly sat down and fixed that dreaded road!

I’ve also begun work on one of the tanks that will be in my short movie.

As you can tell, it’s WAY to clean right now. I’m hoping that some good texturing will fix that.:eyebrowlift:

Looks really cool! Great job so far. Question: Did you just create a plane and subdivide until you had several faces and then just move those faces up to make mountains?

Pretty much. I selected individual vertises and used proportional edditing. to make the bumps.

Cool, I’ve used the same technique to make some video game levels. Blender works great for that.

The door is way too big. Adjust it so it is proportional to the road. Other wise it looks like a bomb shelter within some rock hills.

I made some improvements on the Tank. I’m pretty happy with how it’s moddled now. Perhaps just a few more tweeks, and then some major dirt textures.