Mountain Creature

Hi there

I decided to render him in Cycles and update the post.
Here is my latest character design. A mountainside creature with some kind of bio-luminescence.

This project was also to test Eevee as vis-dev tool and some new features, like the hair strip shape and the new skies nodes, like in the renders below…

The wires

For the rocky ground, I used a quick mix of Multires and Displacement modifiers on a simple piece of geometry


Fantastically mounstrous.

Thanks! Actually, It is meant to be a peaceful nigh-time scavenger creature to “clean up” the rocky ground. The bio-luminescence is to attract mates as well as to discourage predators.

Another nice workflow I used to avoid noise with the volume fog, is to render two versions, one without it (high samples) one with it (low samples). Then I composited the denoised volume on top of it.

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