Mountain goat : possible improvement?

Hi, it’s the first time I create a new topic. If I did not do it correcly, please let me know.

Ok, so here is a render I finished in Blender 2.79b for a weekend challenge. I wanted to have feedback on the image to improve my art.
Here are some points I am not sure :
-fur of the goat (7 layers of particles)
-camera position
-rock texture (1 particle system for the moss and some displacement and bump modifier)

Feel free to add other comments.


I like it.

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The model and hair look good. Right off the bat the lighting could use some work. It’s too yellow and doesn’t have any bluish shadows to balance the lighting. For quick and more realistic lighting you can plug a blackbody node into the color of the light. Generally sunlight is around 4500-6500 depending on the time of day. The landscape looks unrealistic. It’s possible that overlaying it over a photo background would make it look more realistic.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to improve it!

I tried to improve the lighting, the background and the landscape. The landscape is an HDRI. I used the blackbody node like you recommended and I worked on the rock texture.
For the camera, I tried two new views : 1- I use a larger frame to see more of the background, 2 : I juste moved it. If you have (or anybody else) so comments let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Looks good! Nice improvement already. It’s perfectly fine like this but it is 3D so you could think of a story you want to tell to make it more engaging as an image. E.g. put a bit of grass in the sunlight on the other rock and make him look towards it. Or make his rock a lot higher and go for a lower camera to make it an impressive feat. Or a crazy angle like you see those goats do.

Still impressive what you managed to make for the challenge and it got a lot better already! Happy blendering!

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I think that you can focus on the actual anatomy of the goat, maybe head and the spine can use some restructuring.

The dip on the back happens right around the middle (if you measure from the back of the skull or the jaw to where the tail starts, depending on the angle of the head), yours is a bit too behind and making the back looks short, basing it based on the first image. The last image is abit angled so hard to tell.

You could also add more curvature to the area just above the scapula, it seems to be distinct feature to these animals of that age range.

See this image

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Thanks kkar and BlenderRens
I like the idea of a story to improve the image and I see what kkar means with the difference on the goat.

Back to the viewport for modification!

I think that you are almost there, it just needs minor modifications to make the character look stronger in the picture.

Huge improvement. Nice work so far. I think the lighting could be improved a little bit to make it less flat. Maybe if the hair had some translucency so that it showed brighter around the edges, similar to the photo that is posted.

I tried to put some transparency in the hair. I’m not certain it worked…

I liked the idea of a story so here is the goat who wanted to eat some grass far, far away.