Mountain goat : possible improvement?


Hi, it’s the first time I create a new topic. If I did not do it correcly, please let me know.

Ok, so here is a render I finished in Blender 2.79b for a weekend challenge. I wanted to have feedback on the image to improve my art.
Here are some points I am not sure :
-fur of the goat (7 layers of particles)
-camera position
-rock texture (1 particle system for the moss and some displacement and bump modifier)

Feel free to add other comments.

(Reoctus) #2

I like it.

(oaschwab) #3

The model and hair look good. Right off the bat the lighting could use some work. It’s too yellow and doesn’t have any bluish shadows to balance the lighting. For quick and more realistic lighting you can plug a blackbody node into the color of the light. Generally sunlight is around 4500-6500 depending on the time of day. The landscape looks unrealistic. It’s possible that overlaying it over a photo background would make it look more realistic.


Thanks for the feedback, I will try to improve it!