mountain horned dragon

Hi everyone, this is my first post here altho i been using blender for quite a while, anyways thought i’d post a work in progress of mine to see if i can get some feedback. This is a model of my mountain horned dragon “Anubis”. Ive made quite a few models so far but this is the first one ive really had ago at texturing, as i am always updating my models as my skills get better, so far ive only projected from view the current texture, next im hopeing to make a new texture layer to correct some of the inperfections an then try an blend it through in the places needed using a stencil texture like in one of the mountain tutorials in the noob to pro docs. ive used some of the materials settings before but this is the first attempt at uv texturing ive done, so any tips would be welcome. meanwhile im gonna go over the texturing tuts in the noob to pro as i skipped them when i was lerning to model.

uh… where is the model you’re talking about?? we cant see anything!

sorry about that the link broke on my site for some reason, hopefully should work now tho. seems it broke again, will go try photo bucket instead a sec.

there 3rd time lucky hopefully it should stay put now.

cool model!
the texturing on the body looks fine, but the legs and feet need some work. maybe you could do this by baking different projections onto your UV. If you haven’t done this before, here’s a video tutorial that should help you out with that:

after that, you might still end up with a visible change along the seams, so maybe you could use blender’s texture painting clone brush to hide that

good luck with this :smiley:

cheers for the info very handy tutorial, looks like im gonna need to brush up on my gimp skills tho.

oh an really nice sculpturs btw, really hope i can reach that level of talent oneday.

Your sculpting of the body is very good, but the legs seem like they’d be unable to support the body of the animal. The feet are very flat, and the legs are noodly. Try adding some muscle tone to him, and change the weighting so that when the leg bends, the muscles contract.