Mountain Howitzer

Well, this is my 1st model I completed some months ago. Have always had an interest in artillery…lol. This model was my “on the job training” as I was trying to learn the interface. Hope you like.


that was your first? :o

I spent many years playing a game called Combat Flight Simulator. I used to repaint aircarft and build scenery etc. But I never have touched anything like Blender. The cannon was indeed my very first model. Now that I see it again, I could have made many improovements…hehe…oh well.

you mean this is actually the first thing you ever made with blender?! amazing! :o

I think he is saying that it is the first model completed IN blender but that he has 3d and texturing experience (of several years I understand now).

Even though the model is very good. A few problems here and there with the smoothing and such thinks. Colors and materials need more work, it makes the model look like some design drawings in some sort of AutoCAd program.

Not bad at all though :smiley: