Mountain Lake

I generated the base landscape using A.N.T. and its erosion tools. My main focus so far is the materials. Next up: populating with trees and grass. After that, I might add some bushes.


Landscape already looks good. Keep it up.

Really cool!

This looks sick good. I’d add some waterfall, but that’s hard to make realistic. :frowning:

There are actually some mountain lakes that would resemble this image in its current revision, the reason is they are situated above the timberline and as a result would actually not have any trees surrounding it.

Now of course, feel free to populate the scene with trees :slight_smile:

Not thinking of adding too many; just a spattering here and there. Too many would just cover up all the work I did on the landscape. I am, however, thinking of adding a good amount of polygon-based grass, and possibly some shrubs.

Well done.i too am currently building a curious to see how you progress!