Mountain Lion

Hello, I need some opinions on how to improve this mountain lion model. Right now the areas that I’m not satisfied with is the feet the head and the ears. If someone could give me some pointers in how I could fix the eyes and the feet
or maybe even just do them for me I would really appreciate it!

Here is the blend file and some screenshots.
I really appreciate your help!

Cats are hunters: their eyes point forward. Cut a circle around the eye opening, and adjust it so the eye opening faces the front instead of the side. The ears seem to be coming from the wrong spot on top of the head. Maybe a reference looking down on a mountain lion (or any kind of cat) would help. Cats stand on their toes with their heels off the ground. You have the heel off the ground thing working on the back legs, but you still seem to be trying to put a complete “foot” on the ground. Cut it shorter. Cats only put their toes on the ground. Find a reference that shows the feet, and a cat skeleton reference, too.

If you are planning on using particle fur, make the tail skinnier, the fur will fluff it out.

Thanks, I just followed the image above when I made the model so that is why the feet and the eyes are wrong. The eyes are fixed and I’l fix the ears and feet now. I’l post a update soon.

EDIT: Ok here is the updated blend file, the feet and the eyes are fixed. But I can’t fix the ears, so I got a request. Can someone help me fix the eares. It should’t be too hard for the experienced modeller. Thanks alot, and btw I’l probably not give this model hair. But I’m curious, the apricot can it handle particles like hair with not too much lag? If it can I’l use hair!!