Mountain Loch

I’ve been a long-term lurker on these forums and thought it about time to come into the light.

As an intro, here is a image I produced during The Nature Academy from Andrew Price. This is not just the final render from the lesson, I have tried to take the knowledge from the tutorials and combine with things I figured out myself. The foreground water, trees, lighting, mountain modelling and overall composition are mine, how to create the snow effect, mountain texturing and sky are drawn heavily from Andrew’s tutorial.

Comments welcome.

Update: Trying to address the scale issues a lot of you pointed out. Tweaked the focal length of the camera from 80 to 90, increased the fog effect from the Z buffer by .5, added modelling detail to the left hand side to try to create additional depth and a lot more trees. I still like the silhouette of the large trees on the left against the dark background. It was never meant to be the Matterhorn, I am interested whether I have been successful in selling the scale this time?

Further Edit: In response to BlenderKiddy comments below. I have to admit I am not a photographer and had little idea on whether it was better to go with a 90mm focal length (after some research, I now know this gives a zoomed effect) or 23mm focal length (I now know gives wide-angle), so I had to give it a try :eyebrowlift2:

It looks great! But the scale of the mountain compared to the water and trees (only 4??) make it look like an oddly formed hill to me, like i could easily walk up the left side in a few minutes

are you did use landscape mesh?
very good scene but the forest very big compared to the mountain. or the mountain very small :wink: . anddd… I like the lake. very realistic!

It looks great, but it also looks after natur acedemy.
But I just can say it looks realy great.


Out of scale.

Nice work.

A couple of ice-berges in the lake would be nice.

I was wondering why the lake is not frozen, when the land surrounding it is frozen.

Hmm, I like the trees that size, particularly the way the white branches contrast with the darker background, but I hear you guys loud and clear on the scale. Thank you for those comments.

What I will try is to see if I can work on the distance between the trees and mountain to see if I can make the existing scale make sense. There are some tiny trees on the mountain already, but clearly not enough to sell it on their own. There is also ice along the shoreline, but not very visible from this angle.

@ hakki riza, I used the ANT landscape generator and the Sapling add-on to create the scene.

Thank you for the comments, you guys are not nearly as scary as everyone says :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from the proportioning issues that have already been mentioned this is great :slight_smile: i would maybe add some frozen parts to the lake though. Nice work :smiley:

Updated to try to address the scaling pointed out by so many. I think this is finished but starting to regret not putting this in the WIP forum first :slight_smile:

It looks pretty convincing. Good Job!

But why are you using a focal length of 80-90? If you’re that close to a mountain you need something like 20-40mm to get such a huge object in the frame. My advice put the camera a bit closer to the ground by changing the vie angle a bit up and then set the focal length to something like 23mm and move the camera forward until it fits all together.

Thank you for the suggestion BlenderKiddy, I gave that a try :slight_smile:

I found that going wide angle with a camera close to the ground is pretty unforgiving when it comes to poor foreground detail, I had to improve the foreground and ice texture considerably. I quite like the result, a different feel from the zoomed effect. I can see both approaches having merit. I’m not sure myself which one I prefer.

Those are either a very big tree or a very small mountain.

Nice images. Maybe you could add a small hill before the mountain, instead of putting the mountain ending directly in the lake. This will give more distance from the camera and you will be able to increase the size of the mountain to fill the frame, like I did in my snow scene on The Nature Academy forum…

Amazing! It’s very convincing!

Yes very pretty! As much as I hate cold, I would totally go there =-D

niceeeee i like how u did it, maybe a warmer welcoming location next time :wink:

Eh, I like cold! :evilgrin: I think the trees should be a little bit smaller, and more of them, especially in the background on the mountain. And the snow (foreground and left hand side) looks too simple, to smooth, like melted ice cream:eyebrowlift:. Maybe give it just a simple cloud texture(Like Voronoi F3) set to normal. But maybe a displacement modifier would be easier as you could use a vertex group to isolate the effect. And maybe add a noise texture set to spec so to give the snow a sparkly look(so maybe give the faces in the foreground a different material so the snow further back doesn’t get that sparkle). Also I agree with what ROUBAL said about the hill. :slight_smile:

Anyway sorry for nitpicking, as this is a “Finished Project”. :o

I hope some day I can do also such amazing things. Why don’t take the trees away? I think they disturb the scene a little bit.