Mountain Man (or Hunter ?)

This is the first time I get that far on a model :

Made from this reference :


I chose a simple reference to make sure I will complete the project this time.

I still have to model the pickaxe and bag, and the legs need to be redone because of poor geometry.

As you can see it seems he is getting away from a Mountain man, I will get more references to make it closer to the original idea, or I might make him more of a hunter with a bow…

Any feedback is welcome !

Started working on the shoes :

Nice and Clean! I like it.

It’s Ralphie’s little brother from A Christmas Story all grown up :slight_smile: I like it!

Haha yeah, they have the same bendy arms !
Thanks !

I spent way too much time on different looks for the scarf :

By the way, first time that I use my own photo for a material, and I’m very happy with the result (scarf material)