Mountain Medow

Little project I have been working on for the past week or so. Im still pretty new to nature rendering, so this project has been an awesome learning experience

Any crits more than welcome. I’m done with this one, but there will be more better projects to come!

Nice render - the grass, mountains and sky look awesome. In terms of composition I would have preferred to see more of the background instead of the central tree but I still like the feel of this picture.
Out of interest - how large was your scene in blender units?

Thanks for the input talebreeder! I can see how that tree is blocking a lot of the background. I think i will re render it to see how it looks with that tree moved way to the side.
the clipping on my camera was at like 4500 blender units, and the far mountains were just hitting the clipping plane.

I agree that the one tree is sort of out of place, but the detail in the render along with the color and atmosphere makes it still a great piece.

Nicely realized…Just the kind of meadow that’s a welcome treat after a tromp through the woods…do we really need to arrange nature to our liking ?..or is this just another CG image…if ya get my drift.

Nice. How did you create those trees?

the trees in the foreground trees generated with blenders sapling generator. The background trees are a pre rendered version of the foreground trees on a image plane duplicated and rotated 6 ways.