Mountain Observatory

This is a project I just started yesterday, and will be working on thoroughly over the next couple of days. I’ve used World Machine, Photoshop (just a bit), and, of course, Blender.

I’m planning on adding a worn-down rope fence of some sort, probably a small wooden platform in front of the observatory, some sort of rim-lighting to help separate the foreground from the background, and whatever other details I decide to sprinkle along the image.

Critiques are always welcome!

An awesome idea!

Though I think the lighting is off somehow. It almost looks like you’d expect there to be a much brighter amount of light on the observatory, and more evenly-distributed, what with all the snow around it. Snow is one of those weird light-scattering surfaces, which almost acts like billions of tiny mirrors, reflecting and scattering light in all directions…

Yeah; you’re right. I’ll have to work a bit more with both the snow shader in the foreground and the exposures (because the specular highlights on the old, rusty observatory are brighter than the snow, which clearly isn’t right…). I’m hoping to work on this more tonight, so I’ll probably update this post with another image sometime soon.

So I haven’t updated this in a while, as I’ve been working on other projects, but I recently returned to this and decided to revamp the lighting system entirely. For future updates, I’m planning on adding some morning mist in front of the closest mountains, add a couple other details by the observatory (perhaps a rope fence, some broken twigs, etc.), and then tweak the exposures of the scene (as the brightness of a few elements still seems a bit off).

Very nice work, Ben! The scene is coming along nicely. I recognize some of the other images on your blog, as well.

I’m just getting started with World Machine myself. Right now I have the free version, but am mulling over what to upgrade to. Do you have any suggestions, regarding hobbyist use? I’m hoping the Standard ($100) version would allow for suitably detailed terrain model resolution.

I have the professional version but IMHO the standard version should be good enough if you just want to load up World Machine and make a mountain. See for yourself here:

Btw the new scene is a huge improvement

I still think the mountain needs more snow though.