Mountain Pass

Another landscape project.

I modeled the terrain in the free version of Gaea, and displaced a plane with the 1k heightmap. I’m undecided if I prefer the mesher output or heightmaps.
I used other outputs from Gaea as texture masks in Scatter. The plants are from Botaniq, and I tweaked the leaf shaders a little.
Clouds use Pixelshatter’s ProceduralCloudscape v0.4 node.

I posted a version of this in the support category. There is something screwy going on with the Adaptive Subdivision, creating artifacts which look like high-tension wires running across the scene. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. If you have experienced this, let me know!

The lighting is a little flat. Without the clouds it is full daylight strong, and has way too much contrast. Filtering the light through the clouds, and having them fill in the shadows as well… overcorrected. I’ll probably change out the cloud shader so I have a bit more control over where they are, since they have a much stonger role to play than just background here.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with where this one is at and where it’s going. The ground displacement is much better than my previous attempts. Putting protrusions on a heightmap terrain took some trial and error, hopefully the next ones will turn out even better. I also think the masking in Scatter worked out well.


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Here’s the link to the Support category post, with more details about the adaptive subdivision problem. Any insight would be appreciated!