mountain scene

This is my first post worked for about 6 weeks to get it how I liked it. Just as well I don’t want to make a living out of cgi.


The composition is nicely put together and i like your hazey sun and sky, however your mountains and trees really would benefit alot from some texturing detail, still very promising for a first post though

The mountain could benefit from texturing and smooth shading and some of the trees look like they’re lodged way in the ground.

The mountains in the background look decent though.

yes, the mountain needs some textures - do you have a bump map on it?
anyway, it’s very good considering it’s your first post ; )

mountain does have a bump map on it but the mountain is low poly with subsurf, because of this cannot get a lot of realistic definition.Trees are just static particle grass with a broad base.They look buried because I wanted them to be sparser at higher altitudes.Wanted a model which would render quickly so I can use it in an animation feature

If you can suggest how to improve mountain terrain or trees let me know