Mountain Scene

I’ve been working on this for a little bit now … I think I need to redo the mountain (I can clearly see the pattern), and also I think I need to create a better sense of scale/distance (the mountains are supposed to appear to be far in the distance). Any clues on how to make the mountains seem large, but also seem very far away?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum)

The trick to having thing seem far away is … god, what´s it called. I usually refer to it as ´fog´I guess. I´m referring to the scattering of light as distance increases. I guess it´d be a good idea to watch some of Feng Zhu´s (and others) digital painting series on youtube, just to see how exactly some very talented artists manage to make things “seem far away” in digital art.

Good work, I find the foreground to be very convincing. Although I myself wouldn’t mind a bigger variety in the length of the grass, as it seems like a very remote piece of nature… I somehow doubt that anyone is taking the time to mow all that grass :P.

Fog, falloff, or atmospheric perspective are all appropriate names for it. Add a normalized Z pass (make sure to colorize it) over the scene in compositing to achieve this effect.

I like your concept and composition. One of the big problems though, is the snow on the mountains. Why is there snow by the base, and even into the water. the foreground doesn’t have any snow. Your grass is also quite bare, it could use some rocks, maybe one just below the camera, or even a shadow going into the grass, to make it look like there’s something beyond the camera. It might also help to have an image texture to control the color of the grass, it’s not supposed to all be the same color.

You did really well on the pine trees that break up the foreground and the background.