Snowy mountain scene. Mountains created with Gaea, rendered in EEVEE. This is a raw render, no post-processing done.

Might add some snow particles still and need to figure out what to do with the clouds between the peaks, they are not looking very good at the moment.

Background HDRI from HDRI Haven.


Looking really good already!
The only thing I’d like to mention is the mountain in the background on the left side (2nd peak from the left) - It has more haze in front of it, than the clouds behind it. (it’s obvious, because the clouds are darker.) That could not happen in nature.
The rest already works really well.

Thanks @JollyJumper! And I agree, there is too much haze, so I fixed it.

I also played around with the scene bit more:


Great! That looks really good now! Much better with the haze in the distance.