Mouse and Camera Movement

you know like in searches for popular game some games… you move the mouse, and the aiming of the gun follows the mouse? like you move the mouse up, you look up and aim up, etc.

is there any way to do this in blender?

(oh yeah, games like quake and stuff)

rotate the object using python

[python can get from the mouse actuator the current position of the mouse, using that [and where you thought ti was the last frame] you can properly rotate the view]

im pretty new to the blender game engine, and i dont code python.

do you know where i can download a script which can do what i mentioned and how to set it up?

you WILL want to do something more simple

and, as this question is answered pretty much every week I’ll let you search for the solution [hint: fps or mouselook]

yeah i searched and found this:

i downloaded it and it was exactly what i wanted.

but i need to ask one question.

how come the ground looks pure white even when i do alt-z?

normally there is shading but it is pure white! why? please explain and also tell me how to change the colour from white to someting else.

You can UV map a texture on it if you wish but to make it shaded you simply select the floor plane and click VertCol in the edit buttons.