Mouse and cheese video


My first post at this brilliant forum, that I seem to have used a lot lately. Thank you for this forum. It is a great place for us blender noobs:yes:
I’ve been working on a little animation with a mouse and some cheese. Please write comments…perhaps some suggestions for an ending. This was just an attempt to try out rigging and modelling.
But go easy on me…This is my first attempt to make a character animation video.

hey morvan…that’s really well done - short and effective. your mouse has good character qualities and is expressive. I like the cheese flash as a way of introducing that item in the clip.Your rigging looks well done also. The ending might not quite work/resolve the story…but for a short clip - Nicely Done :wink:

great job…

I find the strobo cheese in the beginning quite weird though. What if you alter plans and let the dish fall from the sky with some second motion on the cheese. Which ofcourse surprises mr. mouse.

furthermore you could place all on a simple plane, it’ll ad depth to your movie…

And for the ending… imaging cheese with a mouth… eating the mouse? tasteeeeeej

really well done!


Thanks for the comments - and a funny suggestion for an ending Steenpooj! Thanks a lot. Any comments about the character animation of the mouse?