Mouse character Topology Help

Hi there,
I’m working on a mouse character that I sculpt quickly in Sculptris, and now I’m stuck, trying to make a nice organic topology out of it in blender.
I’m not pretty good at poles, loops and everything (don’t have the experience yet and I’m still searching for some lessons…) so here is the model :
This is what I’ve done first for the head :

But I think there is some serious edge loops issue and it should be more like this I think :

but I can’t manage to do it. I’m a little confused and need some help there…
So If someone can give me some tips on how to make a good topology on this one, it could be a huge help for my poor modeling skills and understanding !

I’m not going to pretend i know much about topology,
but i saw a quick video on it, and quads are the way forward, so try to get rid of all your triangles.
at the tip of the eyes, more than 4 vertices meet, i have forgotten the name, but i know it terminates edgeloops.
other than that i have no idea.
mouth looks good though :slight_smile:
hope i helped you somewhat.

Thanks for your answer !
But there is no triangles. I know how they can mess with everything when you subdivide the mesh, later on :wink:
And 5 edges pole is an E pole I think, and a 3 edges pole is an N pole if I remember correctly…
The thing is, when you watch tutorials or exemples over the internet, it concerns mainly ‘humanoid’ faces or characters. So when you’re trying a totally different character, I guess you need to improvise…
Anyway I’ll post tomorrow, what I’ve done so far, and once again, thanks !

No matter what you want to call it, just understand it’s a weak pole and that it will be more influenced by a sub-surf. Due to that you want to plan them to be well within or well out of your areas of deformation (animation, like brows or eyes blinking).

Regarding topology, very loaded question because it depends greatly on your intent and use of the model. If you are doing a still, you’re topology is quite fine as is. If you’re animating Stuart Little, you need loops about your eyes, eyelids, brows, ears meeting the head, nose and mouth, cheeks, etc. Essentially like you’ve done, imagine where those muscles are and how they are under the skin and how they pull to create those expressions… your face loops will follow that flow.

Personally, I think you are largely there, though I would reconsider the top brow, maybe (very maybe) cheeks, but again, I’m not clear on what you want to achieve with your model beyond topology practice.

The model I learned the most from on this stuff was (spending 2 weeks) with the squirrel rig & mesh from Big Buck Bunny. Look at those and pick them apart poly by poly.

Here is quick poly form started from 3 x 3 x 3 cube. Eye, ear, legs are all extruded, and scaled. So the poly lines are different from yours. Also since it is started from cube, poly line doesn’t converge at the nose.

Your model is pretty interesting and show me well how different topology can be ! I’m not used to model by extrusion, I’m more a poly-by-poly guy, but once again your topology is interesting, because now you just have to focus on poles and loops to add more detail or redefined ‘wrinkles’ of the shape.
Anyway, here is where I’m at for now :

And to Quandtum :
I’m not trying to do Stuart Little :wink: So I’m not going to do lip sync, or have many expressions out of his face, but I want to animate it in a very cartoon style, so it should be able to stretch and squeeze well. It’s like the ‘babioles’ I’ve already made, and it’s a little toy made of plastic, so it’s pretty rigid also… So it’s quiet ambiguous (rigid and stretchy at the same time) but I want to be able to deform nicely the mesh if I want to, even if I’ll try not to during the animation.
So thanks for your answers, I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile: