Mouse character

This is a mouse character that I’ve been working on. I started it way back in 2003 using Lightwave 3D, but shelved it for years due to frustration with problems I was having with it. I am now trying to learn Blender while I’m under a state stay at home order because of Covid19.

I’m making progress. I remade the UV map and I worked on the materials, but now I’m trying to add fur, and I’m not getting the look that I was hoping for. I’m hoping to get some advice here.

I’m finding it hard to wrap my head around the whole idea of data blocks and how they relate to each other. I’m not a coder, and Lightwave doesn’t work like that. I’m used to an object having a texture. I would click on the texture and edit it. I never had a question which object’s texture I was working on. Materials are confusing to me.

I’d appreciate any feedback or advice.

Old version from 2003