Mouse-click crashing, weird selections, world background weirdness...

Hey guys!

So I have some questions regarding how Blender works.

First of - why does the mouse click crash so often? I am talking about the thing where if you have a dense mesh the program crashes when you try to click on it. (For anyone still experiencing it, go user settings -> system -> change automatic selection to someting else) Has to be an issue with the GUI input since the outliner works fine.

On a more personal note, does anyone else have trouble using equirectangular images? As in, mine are always sideways when I open them. I recall being able to use them well, but now I can’t find the equirectangular projection settings.

There’s also the part where the scene turns purple if you set background texture from single image to generated and back to single image. Kind of like it cuts connection to the image. Anyone else get that? Kinda looks like a bug to me. Oh, and speaking of bugs, has anyone ever selected some vertices (usually by individual selection or painting) only to find that some random vertices got selected as well? Not on the opposite side of the mesh, I mean literally sideways and out of screen.

I’ve had blender freeze for a few minutes due to a model having too many polygons but never crashing. Mouse clicking works fine even on a dense mesh that causes severe lag.

On equirectangular/hdri images, are you using cyles or internal? ( i’m not even sure how to use them in internal but they work fine in cycles)

You will need to give an example of the scene turning purple and if it is blender internal or cycles? Never had any issues with blender selecting vertices randomly.

Perhaps post your PC specs.

Well, good and bad news - all of the issues I describe happen in Cycles - I very rarely use anything else. They also occur in every file I make so I don’t think uploading will work especially since selection history doesn’t get recorded… so I’ll wait a bit longer for anyone else who might be having similar issues before I start preparing files. I hate it when it seems like something goes wrong only on my end. Never changes too - the random vertices being selected and crashed happen regardless of the computer I use.

The good news is that I think the reason the equirectangular image was wonky was because I set the background as “image texture” instead of environment texture. The pink problem persists though. The exac method is:

Open Blender - Cycles Engine - World Tab - use nodes for environ - environment texture & pick image -> looks okay so far, projection O.K., then:
Select source and change from signle image to generated;
background changes to checkered empty BG.
Select Single Image again in the same (Source) option tab and the background turns pink. I need to open the image from the open menu again for it to reappear. It is definitely not my imagination, but it is curious no one else seems to get this problem.

As for selecting random vertices… I don’t know what to say. It occurs randomly so I can’t even reproduce it, though when it does it usually keeps doing it. Usually happens with dense meshes.
And the crashes must be related to the GUI display; the computer with the better graphics card can withstand much denser meshes before it starts having trouble.

Thinkpad E530
intel i3 2.6 GHz duo + 2 virtual cores, 8GB RAM
NVidia 635M

i5 quadcore 2.6 GHz
NVidia Quadro K2000
8GB RAM. Probably.