Mouse click ends game

Hi I have made a menu following this tutorial
when I play the game the "flipper"animation on the buttons works fine but if I press any of the buttons Ive made (Exit & credits) it goes to the credits menu and after about one second the game ends. I don’t think ive done any thing wrong.
Im using win xp

From what you explained, it sounds as though Exit is responding to all “Left Click” events, even those that are occurring when the mouse is not over the Exit button. If this is the case, then you have the logic set up wrong on your Exit button. You need to connect both “Mouse: Left Click” and “Mouse: Over” to the AND Controller that connecting to the “Game: End Game” Actuator. This way the button will only respond to clicks that occur when the mouse is over it.

Hope that helps.


Yes that worked perfectly!!! thanks very much.