Mouse Click event

I´m an absolute beginner in Blender and from Germany so my english is not perfect :wink:
I´m trying to create a game, where I can click on an object and it starts a video (maybe a wrl-data file or a xml?) If it is possible I would like to do it without python and I would prefer it to do it with game logic. Can anyone help me? I hope it is not a dump question :smiley:
Thank you!

No chance without Python … unless you use a ready to use asset like Dynamic Texture.

Mouse Event ~= Mouse Sensor

okay… and is it possible to open an internet exporer by clicking on an object?

The BGE is a game engine to create 3D standalone games.

It is possible to open a browser from any application, but what is the benefit in your game?

If you really want I suggest to ask in the Python forums as this is no BGE related feature.