Mouse Colour

Hi All,
I’m new to blender and I am using it to design Electronics Components such as resistors and capacitors and was wondering if there is a way to change the mouse colour?

Thanks for your time.

Do you mean the ‘cursor’ that your mouse controls? If so, that’s drawn on the screen by the operating system, Blender has no control over what color it is…

But if you are referring to one of the gadgets that’s part of the blender interface, you might be able to change it by going into the preference menu
and play around with the themes settings.

Hi mpan3,

Thanks for your reply. The cursor I mean is the grey cross that I get when editing objects in edit mode.


ah, actually the cross isn’t grey, you see, it’s the inverse-color of whatever is underneath the cursor at the moment. So if the cursor is on top of a white triangle, it’s black. If it’s on top of a red object, it’s green, etc etc.

So I guess there is no way to change this behavior.

Actually, wrong on both counts! :smiley:

That color changing thing, that’s probably your mouse driver, and probably Windows / M$Mouse. It can also be app specific. Mine is always a white-to-black crosshair fade, no matter what color it floats over. (linux/KDE/kwin)… I dunno though, there are defs for Blender cursor (BC) colors… BC_BLACK, BC_WHITE, BC_RED, BC_BLUE, BC_GREEN, BC_YELLOW… but I’ve never seen 'em change.

Speaking of changing, you have the source code, you can change anything you’re motivated enough to change. My version of Blender has about 50 mods, mostly because the defaults are hardcoded instead of being read from a .conf file.

Spenner, if you want to change your crosshair cursor (if just making them 32x32 isn’t enough) then the file you want is …/source/blender/src/cursors.c

Of interesting note is you don’t have to hand-code the pixel array:
(a Broken comment inside cursors.c)

“There is a nice Python GUI utility that can be used for drawing cursors in
this format in the Blender source distribution, in
blender/source/tools/ . Start it with $ python
It will copy its output to the console when you press ‘Do it’.”

So after you draw your cursor the way you like, just paste it into the cursors.c file and recompile Blender.

Broken’s around here somewhere, you could ask for help from the man himself if you get stuck… :smiley: