Mouse commands?

Can you not use the mouse commands (move,scale,rotation) for blender 2.5alpha2?

The mouse gestures are not in yet. I don’t know if they’ll be , but I guess so later on. And that they are optional. and not on by default.

oh ok. I hope they will be in there. It so hard to break a habbit.

Myeah, I would love if the mouse gestures where more dynamic of interp. like “vertical swipe left” “vertical swipe right”

Imagine splitting a window vertically | by swiping the mouse vertically and it splits where you swipe. Of course triggered by a shortcut command first. or it interpets while you keep a certain key pressed and swipe.

same for joining viewports, you’re in a viewport to the right of is another. press key, and swipe right and it collapses over the viewport to the right.

Now that would be pretty slick!

I posted that under py scripts, need help getting going with python api. but theres a video to youtube. pretty much visualize the idea. but it would be slick i keep on missplacing 3d cursor, and missing that area where to split , due to I have a pretty old wacom pen.