Mouse constantly grabbing the wrong axis

I don’t know if this is actually a common issue and all my searching has just been poorl worded, ut I can’t seem to find anyone else with this issue. It sounds stupid unlikely to me that I am just not doing something wrong, but here goes.

Tested on Blender 2.66a, 2.65a and 2.59 I cannot get my rotation axis to respond properly. I grab the Y Axis, to I can adjust the pitch, and it rolls from side to side on the X. The whole thing just doesn’t seem to be working right. No matter what axis I try to grab, it only has a slight chance of working. I can produce semi-consistent results. Like if I try to pitch while clicking the Green line above the blue one, it will just roll. But if I click it below the blue one, it works. However, this doesn’t work from every viewing angle. I also have issue with blender when I try to scale an object. There is never any guarantee, unless I used keyboard commands, that it won’t scale in every direction, or just two directions. Very seldom does it only scale in the one direction I want it to.

Does this sound familiar, or present symptoms that indicate something wrong with my peripherals?

Are you talking about the 3D manipulator widget? What is your Transform Orientation set to? Is it set to Global or something else?

It is just set to Global. I have been trying to upload a video example of what is happening, but everything seems to be fighting against me today.

I’ve noticed that it can be a little picky about exactly where you click if you’re at an odd angle to the widget. Just rotate your view a little bit or zoom in, and try to click on a part of the handle away from where it crosses another axis handle. That usually works for me.

I’ve seen it work and I’ve seen it with this issue. It’s unmanageable. Every new angle you view it from, gives you entirely different results, and even even the Red indicator is going straight up and down and you click one of the others, it will still grab Red. It’s entirely broken for me. Unusable. I will try to get a videoo up soon of what I mean. Just as soon as video software stops arguing with me.

Do you have the latest video drivers installed on your system?

Yes. I am on an Nvidia GeForce 640M LE Graphics card. It’s a laptop running Windows7 64bit. I can provide further system specs, but I am not sure my processor and Ram are really that relevant to an interface control problem.

One thing to try if you haven’t done so is to go to User Preferences 'Interface tab ’ and play with manipulator (size, handle size and hotspot), see if it makes a difference for you.

I wonder… Do you by chance have Antialiasing override set in your drivers (globally or specifically for Blender)?