Mouse controles

Ok, so this is what I want to do:

Look around by moving the mouse. so when I move the mouse upwards, the camera will rotate upwards untill its pointing straight up, and when moved down, rotate down till facing straight down (or untill mouse stoped moving)
And left and right mouse movements will rotate in that direction without limits.

And up arrow key move forwards in the direction the camera is facing, along x and y coordanents, and down key the opposite. and left right keys move sideways.

This is like 3rd person games like GunZ or Rakion, if any of you have played them (only examples I can think of off hand)

I dont mind python scripts, just tell me how to use/mod it.

a simple search would of the forum would find my post.

all you would have to do though is replace the empty secondary with the camera
and then i think you will get the effect that you requested.