Mouse disapear / reapear

I just startet using Blender.

When i right click with the mouse the curser disaper. I can then move the cursor over a meny and it will reaper just to disaper when i move the curser again!

Blender is the only application where the mouse behaves like this.

How can i fix this? It’s really anoying not to be able to se the cursor.

Blender version 2.34
Debian unstable
Nvidis Geforce 9600XT
Kernel version 2.6.6

I have tryed with both the shared and static binaries.
I have also tryed the wersion withc is in debian.
The mouse problem exist in all 3

does your cursor have a shadow [try disabling it, look at the thread on making blender work correctly for how]

when did nvidia start making a geforce 9600 XT?

It’s a geforce FX 9500 XT

No i don’t have a shadow.

I fixed the mouse problem, with the switch -w
But now i’m experinces graphical glitches!