mouse doesn't work (rotate-gizmo)

I am having a strange problem.
When I try to rotate with gizmo, sometimes it rotates on the wrong axis and sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all. I click on the green gizmo and nothing.

I tried a second mouse and the same thing. I can’t even start if rotate doesn’t work.

Is somebody else having this problem?

THank you,

Are you by chance using Blender on a notebook?

The reason for my question: I have seen (very rare) descriptions of your problem in this forum and the only things they had in common was the fact that Blender was run on a notebook class graphics card on Windows.

Everything else seems to be perfectly random: Notebook manufacturer, graphics card (happened on ATI, nVidia and Intel), driver version, Blender version.

Unfortunately this randomness and the very rarity make the issue near impossible to troubleshoot…

By the way:
You don’t need the gizmo to rotate objects in Blender - many users don’t use the gizmo at all. Blender has a kind of shortcut-centric workflow which is perfectly worth getting used to.