Mouse from BBB

Hate to add a thread like this, hopefully there won’t be hard fealings. But would someone do me a great favor and zip up, and post the little mouse character from BBB? I had the BBB production files, but then i reinstalled my PC, and a few of my folders got corrupted, including the Elephants dream, and BBB. I don’t want to download a few GBs just to get that mouse. I’d appreciate it a whole bunch, thanks!

do you mean the round little guy? I think he is actually a chincilla, but not positive. Not meant to be technical but when you first said mouse I got confused.

yeah, the little round guy, what ever he is. :slight_smile:

They have a mirror over on

Actually, it’s a flying squirrel.
Or you’re talking about the goofy looking guy.
Or the chinchilla.

I’m talking about the little scaredy cat who gets catapulted.
Thanks Uncle for linking to that!