Mouse Gestures is back

Good news for (Wacom) graphics tablet blender-heads out there. Have you missed mouse gestures in the official 2.56b release? Head over to graphicall(dot)org and pick up the latest build.

Amongst loads of other goodies a brilliant and talented Japanese guy called Chromoly has coded a gestures addon. This only works with the latest builds so, no point adding this script to earlier versions. Choose from the Optimised Build with “contrib and external addons”. Some of his other awesome add-ons are Vertex Slide and Pie Menu.

:smiley: Happy Days :yes:

Thanks! I’ll have to see if I can get used to them again.

oh yes! i’ve found it so painful getting used to not having this. might sound sad or stubborn, but it was one major thing that kept me in 2.49b

Mouse gesture addon will literally save us thousands of keypresses. Has anyone a fix as to why the script fails to load after a File > New? Only remedy appears to unload and reload it manually.

Chromoly is a genius. His addons are some of my favorites. One of his addons I don’t understand how to use though is the fake knife tool. Any advices?

I’m still using blender 2.49 :o. I probably shouldn’t but oh well.

So do you mean we can disable it when not in need?!
It is very useful when working with a tablet!
But it can be on the way if working on a complex file!

Hi Caesar! That’s the beauty of addons, you can switch them on and off. If you dont use a tablet then you can use the build but ignore the addons. With 2.x everyone can have a personalized blender experience. Chromoly, for reasons best known to himself has removed the Youtube videos for his addons. I hope this does not indicate he is abandoning these gems of coding!

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