Mouse goes bezerk sometimes

Sometimes when I grab a vert or line the select button seems to stick and instead of just a click on the vert I end up dragging it around until I hit enter. I tried using a corded mouse and have the same issue. Any thoughts?? My PC is about 9 months old and I have no issues with any other program.

Sounds like you might be inadvertently entering tweak mode on the verts. This happens when you click+drag a vertex. It’s easy to do if you go too fast or accidentally nudge your mouse while clicking.

In 2.79 this feature is on be default. The tweak sensitivity can be adjusted in the input section of the preferences.
In 2.80 this feature is enabled when in select (not the default box select) mode.

Also, it seems like the select button sometimes gets stuck. I cant use the wheel until I click the select button again. Changed Tweak Threshold from 10px to 20px. We’ll see.