Mouse icon plus password for game.

Hi! Good day to everyone! I have troubles to “parent” an object to the mouse pointer…
Would you please help me to find a way to do so?
So far i have tried fixing a position for the object and tracking the object with out succeed.
Also i remember to have seen in the forums a post where was instructions on how to set a “password” for a game. So if the user close the game it could start in certain level with out using the save system.
Thanks in advance.

The mouse pointer isn’t an object nor does it exist in 3D game space, so you can’t just parent objects to it. You’ll probably have to use Python to get the effect you’re looking for. I know there are some other threads that have delt with this. Just do a search for “tracking objects to mouse.”

As the password system (cheat codes is I understand you correctly), you should use Python to create a passwordenterin system, check what the player enters with a code dictionary, and retrieve the desired effect.