Mouse look actuator... question?

So have looked around and have bee seeing mouse look scripts for games… but blender has a built in mouse look… Is there bugs for it or what… and would it be ok for a game… I just ask cause I don’t know.

it works well, however you cant zero it out, without some effort ,

I like simple mouse(the mouse script I made) because the properties are exposed to do whatever, not just rotation,

what do you mean “zero it out”… are you meaning center the cursor…or…?

yeah, center the head to the torso, if you dont do this and you turn the actuator on and off,
it will use the new orientation as zero.

here is a actor with mouse look, and a state locomotion controller.


SimpleRig.blend (547 KB)

In my experience it also jolts around on certain pcs (mine included) which makes it un-usable.

i’ve never had a problem with it. it’s also useful for other things than just mouse look. you can use it to add more of a connection for the player to your game. for instance, i’ve used it to manually open a door by attaching it to the door pivot so the player can control how far and how fast the door opens rather than just press an action key to have the door swing open. same goes for turning pages in a book, rotating valves. very useful.

this is why I can’t wait for a true 3d mouse with force feedback (’.’)

I know that there are issues with PCs with multi-monitor setups. I’m making some modifications to use the new functions that returns the resolution of main display only. Is this your case?
Anyway, I will have problems with testing as I don’t have a multi-monitor setup available.

I think I can mimic enough well your movement with mouse actuator ;). For phase difference between head and body I used a slow parenting.


SimpleRig_mouse_actuator.blend (555 KB)

yeah but you can input / extract a value into mine :smiley:

here is my mouse guts from a while back (simpleMiceZ) demonstrating using the property to manipulate position, and rotation etc

and I made the widget demo tonight ,
(slide the lever over? pull the rope down?)


SimpleMiceZ.blend (576 KB)WidgetDemo.blend (517 KB)

For mimic both blends with logic bricks we only need modify the mouse movement “sensor” to distinguish between +X, -X, +Y and -Y.
I will see what can i do :wink: