Mouse look Please help

I hope im not breaking any rules by posting in the wrong section.
Im making a Fps. Im a noob yada yada ya, I got the script for the mouse but it keeps saying failed to run script and in red on the script it says IMPORT BGE
can some one help

Thanks in advance

in camera view and press p nothing happens just looks like its paused

Dude, you’re doin’ it plainest wrong… or plain wrongest… even though I understand that Problem.
You must place any Kind of Object into your Scene and apply Logic Bricks in the Logic Window. As Sensor choos Always and as Controller choose Python, connect them (with the little Dots at the Sides) and in the Python Controller choose your Script by first clicking on the Input Line.
If you press P now, you SHOULD have a Mouselook.

By the Way… why in the World do you post in the wrong Section when you are absolutely aware of it?? ó_ô

Cheers for your help, i can now use the mouse to look around but im having problems with the keyboard :confused:
I copied the settings from a beln file tut 2.5 but it wont work on mine. Eventhough i copied the same formula ?
If i send u the blend file could u help ? if im not asking too much

If you post the .blend, i will help you figure out the problem :wink: