mouse look problem

I created a scenario and it s 98% complete, but im have a problem with, when I create a runtime the mouse stops and start to work again, its weird, What I know is, when I delete the shadders the mouse works fine.
Remeber that is on the run time, not in the .blend file that the problem shows.
There is a problem when the character falls the blender crashes, i dont know why yet, but this is a small problem.
Help me guys.
here is the link:

hey please, i need only this fix to make my scenario work fine it almost done, and I tryed a lot of things but they doesnt help.

Don’t worries,

The mouselook seem only to lag when blender load
…sadly, until now, belnder load stuff “in your face”. That
mean that you see the scene and can move around…
but somehow things seem to continue loading.

Thus, when everything is fully loaded (After a few seconds),
the mouse look start back to work fine.

I wonder why the mouselook is barely the only thing
affected by this, but hopefully, in blender 2.5
you should have the ability to load things manually
so there should be less problems related to that.

nooooooooooo, I try what you said, but the problem persist, i send it for more people and it show the same problem, I wait about 3 min and the mouse doesnt work fine, remember the problem is on the run time, on .blend it works fine, I think that the shadders are doing something. but i dont know how to write a script, so i m not shure.
Thanks for try I really apreciate.
But the problem persist, please Help, its almost done!!!

Just an answer, if doesnt work doesnt matter, i ll try aniway, i dont find out why this is happening. Help guys.

yea, I know that it almost only happen on runtimes or games launched
using the blenderplayer. The thing is that I don’t know why it’s doing this.

and yes, it’s hell of an issue for me as well,

but as I said, loading things properly at start of the scene
reduce this issue, but won’t eliminate it.

If you find out how to solve this, damn, you’re the man !


I have been playing with blender learning the basics, and lately have been trying to learn mouse movement and have come across a problem that seems to be what you guys are having.

What it seems to be is a problem with the blender player not being the ‘focused window’ or something, though I have no idea if there is a way to solve this.

I find that now and then the mouse becomes un-responsive or sticky, and when running in full screen mode there is no real way to test it or resolve it. But if you run the game in a window (non-fullscreen) and when you get the problem happen, just click the top bar of the blender window to make sure its the main focused window and see if that stops the problem.

Ofc, this is not a way to solve the issue, but i guess the 1st step to solving an issue is finding what causes it.

I am wondering if the blender debug window that runs in the background somehow gets focus and causes the issue to happen now and then.

If anyone else has a way of preventing this, or has found out what causes this then please help

Cheers :slight_smile:

Anyone else out there had this problem and managed to work out what causes it? or how to stop it?

Did you have any luck solving the problem Leonnn?

sorry i dont entered this week on the forum.
If anyone can say something to help us I really apreciate, I coldnt solve this problem so I just let it behind and try to move on.
Please help us, this threads is a litle bit old and no one find a way to fix the problem, if there s no way to fix please let us know.

Blender 2.5 seem to have some work planned on the mouselook functions.

maybe that will help.

keep fingers crossed :slight_smile: