mouse look script problem

hello I have been following Blendinguser’s tutorials on making an FPS. I am on the 3rd tutorial which teaches you how to do mouse look.

He says to put a script in on a website which I copied and pasted to the text editor. I know I did everything right for everything else but the gun won’t move, what did I do wrong?

hi Pilot GIB,

I just watched the Blendingusers video tutorial and he’s lying when he says that he and a friend wrote that MouseLook script. It’s mine. All he did was remove the information header. I don’t mind him using it but he shouldn’t claim it as his own.:no:

The problem you’re having is because when he posted it, he screwed up the indents for the code.

Go to my website and download the MouseLook script or the example blend from there. The MouseLook on my site has an update to it. Thanks to Pelle Johnsen, it now works on the Mac OSX without the mouse look drifting.

link to MouseLook tutorial

If you have any problems with it, don’t hesitate to ask.


thank you so much, I was about to give up for good.


Also, the videos were quite bad in general; his mic is next to mute.

thank you so much, I was about to give up for good.

that’s exactly what I fear to happen with these noob making noob tutorials