mouse model - need to retopo - advice?

Hi guys, I tried to build a computer mouse as fast as I could. This took me 1.5 hours, and I started with bezier curves.

I know I need to retopologize it and clean up the front and back if I want to render it realistically…

Any advice on how to start retopogizing? Should I just do it the standard way and snap verts as I extrude faces?

Thanks in advance and I appreciate ANY type of modeling criticism!

done with quads so
just try to remove some loops and see hwo it renders
may be add subsurf and add loops where necessayr for rounded corners

happy bl

try this modified model
idid add a edge split on the back cover
and added mirror
remove soft loops
but added subsurf level 2 to get it smoohted on main body

mouse7.blend (615 KB)

you could join the 2 parts together
if you want with mirror

here is with mat in cycles

happy bl

Nice!!! Thanks for the advice!

When you removed loops, did you just do it manually (Alt clicking loops) and then dissolving the edges, then verts?

Also you mentioned edge splitting the back… Are you just noting that you added some detail?

Thanks in advance!

yes i did note some modifications to get a nice render
you can always re modify it as you like
i also added some crease at certain locations!

remove edge split and render you 'll the difference!

as i don’t really have the real model i was not certain how to model it !

have fun with it

happy bl

cover1.blend (579 KB)

i just decided to make a more high res cover with wheel

may be you can use it !

happy bl