mouse navigation & python

hi there,
that’s my first post here at elysiun, so hi there once again.

for my mouse navigation i use planes parented to the camera (wich is parented to a box that is beyond view). this box is my actor. the planes are connected to mouseover sensors and are inside the collision sphere of my actor. when a mouseover occurs a script is invoked that sets

GameLogic.move=“up” (example).

for my actor another script (always sensor) checks this variable:

if GameLogic.move==“up”:
GameLogic.addActiveActuator(forward, 1)

this actuator does a forward move (surpise). this all works fine until the collision sphere gets against a simple cube, it doesn’t always stop. sometimes it runs through and i get an syntax error on the console (relating to the “if GameLogic…” line above). whats wrong?

sorry for this long post, but this thing annoyes me for days.

thanks in advance.