Mouse over any script stutters to a halt a blend file

This is just a file I made after finding out something weird was happening with my mouse over.

I’m currently making a shmup and moving the player ship is easyer with the mouse (to me). But I ran into this hiccup :slight_smile:

We’re rebuilding from scratch in the BGE as a test. Using the shipyard assets and figuring out how to nicely build up and linking files for future use across many games.

To see the hiccup in action with a complete ship:

If somebody could be so kind to look into it, I’d be very gratefull.

I don’t see anything wrong in the video - do you mean that the ship lags behind the mouse by a frame or two?

It is a typical mistake with mouse over. The sensor detects the object you move under the mouse cursor. This usually leads to a movements towards the camera.

Be aware mouse over needs something to be over.

A) make the object to be placed under the mouse cursor no-collision
B) move the object with an offset (B1: place the center outside the mesh B2: add the offset via Python)

Siegel gave a hand on IRC, seems using "mouse-over-any"logic brick was a baaad idea:

Here’s the solution:

Also, nope the behaviour I’m talking about can only be seen in HD, it’s some sort of shockwave around the ship.