Mouse over + left click sensor question

Hello everyone,
I have this attached file, and… I hope someone could help me to arrange the correct logic sets.
If you download the file, you can see three monkeys (green, yellow, and blue).
And if you set the viewport shading into Textured and hit P, and then you click the left mouse button anywhere, you can see the green monkey become visible. This anywhere is my problem.

What I want to do is to make the yellow monkey’s f-curve actuator, activated with mouse over the monkey, and then witha single left mouse button click.
So, if I click the left mouse button on anywhere, the monkey still invisible.

I’ve tried to follow the logic sets from In that cool tutorial, the character can run with a simple combination of left shift and up arrow key. But in my case, mouse over + left click combination is not working.

I know this is an easy one for blender masters out there, I hope this is not too embarassing to post here, and I hope someone could please, tell me how the logic set is.

O yeah, one more thing. I’m wondering, why mouse over the blue monkey in my scene is also not working?


mouse over and click.blend (427 KB)

Link the mouse over sensor that is on your first cube to the "and"controller on the greenish monkey, then try.

You mean… like I did on the yellow monkey? It did’nt work…

Haker23, did I misunderstand your suggestion? Please check on the yellow monkey’s logic. I already did connect a mouse over and a left click sensor to the and controller.

Did you want the monkeys to become visible when you mouse over the monkey and click, or when you mouse over the corresponding cube and click?

mouse over and click.blend (441 KB)

Whoww… I’m surprised! I never knew we can link the logic of multiple meshes that easily before! This is very cool!
Thank you sooo mmmuch, Haker 23!!! :smiley:
This is definitely solve my problem nicely. Thank you!

@ Haker23, I think… your answer with the .blend file made me realize that, since the beginning, my real problem wasn’t the logic links. I think it was the camera view.

Your answer was the key to open my previous locked door (thanks for that), but right now I face another locked door.
Here in my another attached .blend, the logic links for the monkey simplified, without using any cube, and it still works in the user perspective camera view. But it didn’t work in the front view. Is there any way to fix this?

As for the custom cursor (that I made today), it only work in front view. Not in perpective. Perhaps it’s the python script.

So, the monkey only work in perpective view,
custom cursor works only in front view.

If someone know how to make this scene works, the yellow monkey appear with mouse over and click using a custom cursor in the front view, please share your knowlegde to me/ us.


simple mouse over and click.blend (385 KB)

Problem solved, thanks to the writer of this tutorial: