"Mouse Over" problem on overlay collection (UPBGE 0.33+)

Hi, I’m trying to add some kind of menú as overlay scene, but the “Mouse Over” does not cast the ray on the overlay, it works if the mouse is over the object in the main camera even if the object is not visible. but if the mouse is over the object in the overlay, it does not work. Is there a way to fix this?
I’ve tried it in UPBGE 0.33 and 0.35 with no success.

I’ve attached a blend with the minimum setup

Overlay Test.blend (841.0 KB)

Here’s an update:
I’ve found an option in the camera tab on Properties window, named “Game Overlay Mouse Control” that fix that problem, and mouse over events works on the overlay camera, but this makes the mouse over events to stop in the main camera.

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