mouse-over sensor, raycast support for bullet

Now with fixed mouse-over sensor, raycast support for bullet, and some extra python methods in that sensor. fixed dragging/damping conversion, so objects ‘fall faster’.

enjoy :slight_smile:

Hi Erwin. Seems to be coming along very nicely.
I had been getting instant crashes when trying
to start old games, right up to yesterdays build.
I hadent been able to discover what was causing it,
through subtraction. This build seems fine, although
old actions/armatures dont work. Probably time to
redo them anyway. The demo files are becoming
more realistic with just the occasional collision
between objects bouncing more than you would expect.
Great stuff.



Erwin, it´s great to have you giving this great breadth of new air to the game engine. Thanks a lot! This is very important to Blender and to the users of the old engine.
Ou of curiosity, what´s was your role in the creation of the original Blender Game Engine?

:wink: Keep up the great work. It’s really great to have a better physics engine.


Game Engine

We got Erwin Coumans, the original creator of the game engine, back at work! He recently started with integrating the ODE and Bullet libraries for rigid body physics and collision detection.

Wow, this is nice!

The objects finally fall at reasonable speeds, but there is a little bit of “bumpiness”.

Very, very nice work so far, though. I can’t wait for the time of impact stuff. :smiley: